At Kuka, we know there are more benefits from our lovely coffee than just keeping you warm on these winter days. While coffee has had a bad reputation in the past, researchers are now finding the many benefits finding that coffee consumption has to offer. So here are some facts you might not know about coffee relating to health and fitness! 

For Fitness 

Studies have proven that caffeine can enhance physical performance and stamina in high-intensity exercise and sport.[1] The high amounts of caffeine in coffee improves the ability to burn fat during exercise,this is because of the fact that coffee is a psychoactive drug, meaning it impacts the brain and the body, therefore speeding up metabolism speeding and the burning of subcutaneous fat.[2][3] Coffee is able to enhance your metabolic rate, as research found that there was significant increases in fat oxidation once you’ve had coffee and exercised.[4] Coffee consumption also stimulates your body to use fat stores rather than muscle glycogen (sugar), therefore allowing for longer use of the muscles and increasing stamina.[5]

For Health 

A cup of coffee also has many benefits for your health- your brain health in particular. We all know coffee gives you energy and keeps you awake, but did you know that it is because the caffeine blocks adenosine which is a neurotransmitter that makes us tired. By blocking the adenosine neurotransmitter, it allows for the pituitary gland to release hormones that produce adrenaline. Caffeine also increases dopamine levels which are neurotransmitters that make us feel good. Whilst caffeine does not increase the level of dopamine in our brain, it instead slows down the rate it leaves our brains and comes back into our bodies, therefore makes us feel better.[6]

It has been said that caffeine has many benefits of reducing cancers. Coffee contains polyphenol antioxidants; their action is to impact the ways that cells line the inner walls of blood vessels and their function, reducing risk of cancers.[7] One American study following almost a million men and women over a period of 26 years, found that coffee consumption can decrease the risk of mouth and throat cancer by as much as 50%.[8] Another researcher found that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of liver cancer by as much as 50%.[9] Coffee has also been found to provide a moderate protection against cutaneous melanoma (skin cancer).[10] Studies have also found that that caffeine can be beneficial in treating asthma, stopping headaches, and even preventing cavities. [11]

Who knew coffee could be so beneficial for health and fitness! 


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