We’ve recently had the chance to sit down with the parkour professional Toby Segar and ask him a few questions about what he’s been up to recently. Toby is an incredible freerunner who competed in Ninja Warrior UK three times, and each time making it to the grand finale. Nowadays he is in the popular freerunning crew Team Storror, who have also released their own awesome shoe line called Storror Tens alongside their clothing store Storror. The group's Youtube channel has 6 million subscribers and documents their incredible parkour around the globe. You can also see their stunts in the Netflix film 6 Underground, where they worked with Micheal Bay performing unbelievable parkour on famous sites. We are extremely lucky to sit down and have a chat with him about his new endeavours. 
Morning routine in three words?
Coffee, eggs and coffee.
If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?
We were somehow ‘on the run’ for the past 10 days, wild camping around the UK so the one place I want to be tomorrow is my sofa, boringly. 2nd to that, any of the South American cenotes.
Biggest achievement to date?
Sustaining a living from Parkour.
Flow is a big part of what you do, how do you get yourself in a state of flow and does this mindset apply to life outside of parkour?
My interpretation of the flow state is a mode I sometimes find myself in during tough a tough Parkour skill or sequence of movements. Your mind calms and the feat that previously felt impossible just plays itself out almost automatically. You feel super calm and are briefly experiencing the true goal of ‘mind over matter’. All the walls and rails are just as hard as before, your body is still the same machine it always has been, but this time your mind is in full control or those sneaky fears which lead to mistakes. What I do take to life outside of Parkour is to focus on the current performance and not the end goal.
A record recommendation?
I’l listen to anything, currently loving Hidden Orchestra.
A Book recommendation?
Haven’t read too much but a recent favourite was Alex Honnold’s ‘Alone on the Wall’
What's next for Toby?
Next up is hopefully an injury free 2021 and the completion of my first solo Parkour project in a very long time :)
Let’s hope that will go great! Thanks for chatting with us.

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