Think of brewing cold brew as a cross between brewing tea and coffee. It’s less of extraction and more of an infusion. Cold brew refers to the process of preparing the coffee rather than the temperature of the final product. We take our single-origin speciality grade coffee on a coarse grind and steep it at room temperature in filtered spring water for between 20 and 22 hours. We then throw a large sheet filter in the mix (what they filter wine with) to separate the coffee from the grounds and give it its sexy clarity. Cold brew also contains half the acidity as during the process oils and tannins are released, resulting in a better, less acidic taste that is easier on the stomach. It also includes more antioxidants as the long brewing time means the antioxidants are not destroyed by the high- temperature exposure. The key point is that cold brew extracts oils and flavour through infusion over a long period of time. As opposed to hot espresso that uses heat and pressure, which extracts the bitter note we are used to in coffee. 

Cold brew originates from the 17th century in Kyoto, Japan, when Dutch traders came to Japan and introduced their way of preparing coffee for drinking at a later date. Dutch traders made cold-brew coffee concentrate to preserve their coffee and to make it last on long voyages across the seas. They would brew up hot water and use the cold brew to make hot coffee. This way of making coffee was different to the Japanese tradition of brewing up cold tea. The Japanese then popularised this Deutch way of cold-brewing their coffee, and the method has been used across Europe, America and Asia. In the 1840’s cold brew coffee was further popularised as it was used by French soldiers in Algeria to combat the heat during battles. The recipe was a sweetened type of coffee concentrated which was mixed with cold  water to cool the soldiers down from the heat. In modern times Tadao Ueshima of Ueshima Coffee Co. created the first ready to drink canned coffee with sugar and milk in Japan, whilst in the US a chemical engineering student, Todd Simpson, created the Toddy Cold Brew system after traveling to Peru and trying Peruvian cold-brew coffee. It was these creations that inspired us to make our own cold brew coffee! 

We brew our concentrate at a low coffee to water ratio this means that you get an end product that packs a punch. This gives the brewing intensity of flavour without the bitter notes of espresso, making Kuka perfect for mixing in cocktails as it’s intensity allows the chocolate flavour to complement other ingredients in the drink without diluting the end product. No-one wants a watery cocktail now do they! Not only this but the complex and balanced flavour means you can drink a refreshing coffee beverage instantly both hot and cold, without the need for any swanky brewing kit. Due to the natural sweetness of cold brew no added sugar or milk is required. Cold brew has a stability in its body and flavour which means it can also be used in cakes and even ice-cream. It’s a win-win if you ask us.

We brew and pack all of our products on the same day as brewing to ensure only the freshest coffee is bottled in our farm in Herefordshire. We use high quality ingredients and combine Rainforest Alliance single origin speciality grade coffee with triple filtered Herefordshire spring water from the farm.

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