Ok so thanks for taking the time to check out Blog post 2 from Kuka Coffee. For the second instalment of Kuka blog we are going to be picking apart the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee. We hope this sheds some light on a question we get asked frequently.

Iced Latte. photo credit: Frank Mckenna

Iced Latte. photo credit: Frank Mckenna


Cold brew 

  • Brewed cold

  • Low and slow

  • Brewed to a concentrate that pack’s twice as caffeine as regular coffee

  • The taste profile is super palatable, less bitter, naturally sweet. This lends cold brew extremely well to mixology.

Iced Coffee

  • Brewed as espresso then rapidly cooled over ice.

  • Hot and fast

  • The taste profile is that of cold espresso coffee, the bitterness lingers but without the rich crema and intense mouthfeel.

Iced Coffee with Cold Brew

Iced Coffee with Cold Brew



In this section, we take you behind the scenes and give you an insight into the mysterious world of brewing cold brew. Like magicians, we are unable to give away any secrets but should be able to tell you enough about the process without having to kill ya!



Think of brewing cold brew as a cross between brewing tea and coffee. It’s less of extraction and more of an infusion. We take our single-origin speciality grade coffee on a coarse grind and steep it at room temperature in filtered spring water for 18 hours. We then throw a large sheet filter in the mix (what they filter wine with) to separate the coffee from the grounds and give it its sexy clarity. The key point is that cold brew extracts oils and flavour through infusion over a long period of time. As opposed to hot espresso that uses heat and pressure which extracts the bitter notes we are used to in coffee



This is made by brewing espresso through a machine at high temperature and pressure. This is then cooled and stored in the fridge until needed. This means that it’s going to be less fresh than our cold brew due to the fact that it will be oxidising causing detrimental effects on flavour.



Kuka Cold Brew: 

We brew our concentrate at a low coffee to water ratio this means that you get an end product that packs a punch. This gives the brewing intensity of flavour without the bitter notes of espresso, Making Kuka perfect for mixing in cocktails as it’s intensity allows the chocolate flavour to complement other ingredients in the drink without diluting the end product. Knowone wants a watery cocktail now do they! Not only this but the complex and balanced flavour means you can drink a refreshing coffee beverage instantly without the need for any swanky brewing kit. Due to the natural sweetness of cold brew no added sugar or milk is required. It’s a win-win if you ask us. 



The hot brewing process is going to extract bitterness from the coffee when this is then chilled a lot of the texture and body are lost but the bitterness will remain this is why most iced coffee is drunk with milk and sugar. 

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