Mixing glass
Rocks glass
Nitropress coffee maker
25 ML Campari
25 ML Kuka Coffee Espresso
Stir all of the ingredients in a mixing glass.
Add the contents of the above to a cream whipper
Add nitro gas and pour over ice into your glass.
The negroni is a timeless Italian classic to serve before any meal. The cocktail originated from Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919. It has been recorded that Count Camillo Negroni requested for his favourite cocktail (The Americano) to be strengthened, and so the bartender replaced the soda water with gin. And just like that the cocktail rose to popularity. The cocktail was so successful that the Negroni family founded their own distillery in 1919, to produce a ready made version of the drink, named Antico Negroni. Whilst traditionally it is 3 equal parts of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, we have added our own twist to the 100 year old recipe and added a modern coffee twist to this classic by adding a measure of Kuka espresso, not only does this add a nice caffeine hit but it’s a nod to the birthplace of the negroni, Caffe Casoni. The natural sweet notes of our coffee balance beautifully with the bitter notes of Campari. The navy strength gin makes this serve a punchy number. Elephant gin have created a sublime example of a navy strength allowing the serve to remain strong but smooth. The addition of nitrogen gives the serve a super smooth mouth feel.
We don’t only use these products because they taste incredible with our Kuka Coffee Espresso, we also use them as their core values align with ours.
Ethically sourced. Nothing artificial. Environmentally friendly. 
Elephant Gin was founded with the aim to conserve the African Wildlife.  They contribute 15% of their profits to elephant conservation charities such as Big Life Foundation, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. So by drinking Elephant Gin you are helping the Elephant. Drinking gin never felt so good.
Belsazar Vermouth has been producing fruit brandies using natural ingredients since 1844 from the Black Forest in Germany. The vermouth is created and aged by being stored in neutral casks, allowing the ingredients to fuse with another, creating a range of complex aromas. This means that no artificial ingredients or preservatives are used to create the vermouth.
Whilst Campari is known for being the timeless Italian classic, and being integral for many of our beloved cocktails. They also dedicate themselves to creating products which are environmentally friendly, as 99.54% of waste is classified as non-hazardous. Campari is also a key member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) where they focus on labour law, health and safety, environment and business ethics of their supply chains.
Now enjoy your Nitro Coffee Negroni knowing you are supporting the planet and environment! 

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