Highball Glass
Cocktail Spoon/Stirrer 
Fill a highball glass with ice
Add gin and Kuka, Stir. 
Top up with tonic
Garnish with lemon peel.

We are celebrating national Gin and Tonic Day by sharing a twist on the popular cocktail. The classic cocktail was reportedly invented in the 16th century in Hollard by Dr. Sylvius to be prescribed as a medical treatment. It gradually made its way to England, and in 1689 when King William III came to the throne it became the official drink of the court, making the drink become very very popular. By 1750 over 11 million gallons were being consumed by Londoners annually. Some sources have said that the G+T was so popular that employers were using gin to pay their workers. Due to the drinks over-consumption, a law was passed in order to raise the taxes on gin production. A riot ensued until a new act was made, making more fair tax law for gin distillers. 

G+T’s were also introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India in the 1700’s, and they used it as a treatment for a cure for malaria. Quinine was used as a traditional cure to treat the disease, and the British officers added water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine to make the drink take better, and thereby creating a G+T.  Whilst it has been found that G+T’s do not cure malaria it is still one of Britain's most popular summer cocktails. While summer has ended, we are showing you how to enjoy it in the winter months by adding a coffee twist to this iconic drink by adding a measure of Kuka espresso. The Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon tonic mixes balances amazingly with the natural sweet notes of our coffee, whilst the East London Liquor company gin brings a punchy smoothness. 

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