We are two old school friends from the English countryside brought together by our love of sailing and coffee, we shared in highs and lows as we explored, endured and enjoyed. We set out on a mission in 2016 to bring specialty coffee to everyone and change the world of instant coffee for good; creating new flavours that can be enjoyed without the wait, and never compromising our ethical approach.Expeditions across seas to various continents only cemented a passion for flavour and respect for people and our planet, powered by quality cold brew coffee every step of the way After years of traveling and working together we created Kuka: A concept born to bring our passion for great produce, people and places together in a bottle Kuka is a community. We started our journey in 2016 with the help of friends and family that believed in our vision. It’s time to return the favour and build a community around our coffee that supports positive change and creativity. We have been on a long journey with many highs, lows and late nights but never hesitate to develop and innovate.
Rural Brewery. We brew and pack all of our products on the farm in Herefordshire. High Quality Ingredients. We combine Rainforest Alliance single origin speciality grade coffee with triple filtered Herefordshire spring water from the farm. Low and Slow. We steep the coffee for 20 hours without heating to gently extract the natural sweetness found in quality coffee. Carefully Filtered. We use a top-of-the-line cross flow filter to give our coffee its rich clarity and perfect mouthfeel. Hand-Packed. We pack at the farm on the same day as brewing to ensure only the freshest coffee is bottled. Always Recycled. All of our waste coffee is composted and used as fertilizer to grow vegetables in the fields surrounding the brewery.
Kuka Coffees are cold brew without compromise. We call our ready-to-drink brew Smalls; never obtrusive until you need it, it’s handy when you can’t afford to wait. It stays perfectly fresh until the moment you crack it - then you can expect notes of chocolate to sing over the intense and punchy profile before easing off into a clear, citrusy finish. When you’re at home with time to spare, reach for our espresso strength Cold Brew Concentrate: the first of its kind in the UK, it’s incredibly versatile - distilling the same signature flavours into an artisanal ingredient that elevates coffee at home to the highest standard. Finally, when the situation calls for subtlety, rely on Beastie: a coffee-infused sparkling water that doesn’t sacrifice its caffeine hit. Light and subtle with a pleasant kick, it stays under 7 calories a can and brings something new to cold brew; whether as a spirit mixer or as a pre-workout pick-me-up. Great for long drives and late nights!