All of our coffee comes from single-origin Brazilian, Rainforest Alliance certified farms, with fully transparent supply chains that puts the farmers first and ensure they receive the wages they 

deserve. Working by direct sourcing is Fairtrade without the middle man, putting more money in the farmers pocket.




Our state of the art coffee roaster uses 3x less energy than conventional systems. On top of this all of our waste coffee is composted on site and used to grow potatoes in the fields surrounding the brewery




Our cans are 100% recyclable, Our bottles are 95% recyclable. As a company we aim to be 100% plastic free by 2022




We are currently running our COVID-19 support scheme in which we donate one can for every can sold to key workers, so far we have donated over 2,000 cans. We have also created a T-shirt line to support Covid-19, with all proceeds donated to the NHS.