Kuka Coffees are cold brew without compromise. We call our ready-to-drink brew Smalls; never obtrusive until you need it, it’s handy when you can’t afford to wait. It stays perfectly fresh until the moment you crack it - then you can expect notes of chocolate to sing over the intense and punchy profile before easing off into a clear, citrusy finish. 


When you’re at home with time to spare, reach for our espresso strength Cold Brew Concentrate: the first of its kind in the UK, it’s incredibly versatile - distilling the same signature flavours into an artisanal ingredient that elevates coffee at home to the highest standard.  


Finally, when the situation calls for subtlety, rely on Beastie: a coffee-infused sparkling water that doesn’t sacrifice its caffeine hit. Light and subtle with a pleasant kick, it stays under 7 calories a can and brings something new to cold brew; whether as a spirit mixer or as a pre-workout pick-me-up. Great for long drives and late nights!