We give you our flagship product.. The 500ml espresso strength cold brew. We started our journey nearly 2 years ago with this, our espresso strength cold brew coffee. Over the two years we have undergone some product and packaging refinements. These have resulted in this naughty little sausage being available to the UK market. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.

Kuka Coffee makes a cool 10 long drinks per bottle and 20 short. Clever brewing and processing has meant that the product development team at Kuka HQ have been able to create a cold brew coffee that can be stored at ambient temperatures with a shelf life of 6.5 months. Kuka Coffee is roasted and brewed in Dorset using filtered water. All the ingredients in Kuka coffee, namely coffee and water, are natural. The complex and delicate flavour profiles are down to sourcing high quality coffee and specialist production techniques.

Cold brew coffee concentrate is an extremely versatile product. Not only can it be used to bring cocktails to life, it is widely used in the culinary industries. It is also very much suited to home use. Kuka Coffee can be added to deserts, smoothies and savoury recipes. It's a healthy, vegan friendly product. Highly caffeinated and with only 1 calorie per 50ml serve it is the energy drink of choice among athletes world wide. Cold brewing over an 18 hour period means that Kuka coffee is 67% less acidic than a shot of espresso. The cocktail industry is only the tip of the iceburg for Kuka. We aim to develop the brand and expand into the health, fitness and culinary industries in the coming years......watch this space!


Available now online via OCADO or AMAZON



ProductJohn Bowden