What is Cold brew?

Cold Brew Coffee originates from Texas. The super hot weather meant that the coffee drinkers of the U.S.A saught a more refreshing alternative to the hot brews that we know and love… and so cold brew was born.

Cold Brewing in its simplest form is a brew process that takes the humble coffee bean and nourishes it for a hefty 18 hours in cold, filtered water. The end product is a well balanced, rich, fruity, scrumptious cup of caffeine filled magic. This way of brewing coffee reduces the acidity of a cup by a WOPPING 67%. It doesn’t stop there. Because we have extracted all of the naturally fruity notes of the coffee and got rid of the bitterness, the brew gives a natural energy boost with none of the bad bits. Its sugar free, dairy free and vegan friendly. 

Oh yeah! And it’s highly versatile. It can be enjoyed in a cocktail, with your favourite milk or milk alternative, in a smoothie, a cake, or even just straight up for all you caffeinds out there! 

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Brew Size. 1000 litres (2000 Bottles)

Roast size. Approximately 250 kg

Location. Dorset England

Roasted by Nick Beer (Co-founder)

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